Featured mom-inventor Rebecca Rabson of the SmartSeat Chair Protectors

This month our featured mom-inventor is Rebecca Rabson, inventor of the SmartSeat Washable Dining Chair Seat Covers! You can check out a little piece of the interview below, and then visit Living My Moment to read the full article. Rebecca has been such a pleasure to work with and she is now my hero after inventing this very practical product that has saved my dining room chair from 1,000,000 squished hotdog and macaroni stains, heehee.

* When did you first come up with the idea for the SmartSeat Chair Cover and why?
I came up with the idea for the SmartSeat Chair Protector when we renovated our dining room and bought our first nice dining room set.  I wanted to eat meals together as a family, but didn’t want my kids to ruin my new chairs.  I looked but couldn’t find an attractive, waterproof protective cover.  I didn’t want a sticky vinyl cover that flopped over the seat and squeaked when sat on.  If you’ve got kids, then you know how much they hate sticky plastic seat covers!  And, having purchased upholstery that I loved, I didn’t want a slipcover that would completely change the look of the chairs.  The SmartSeat Chair Protector was my solution: a discreet, attractive, waterproof protective cover for upholstered dining room and kitchen chairs.

Feel free to hop on over to Living My Moment to read the rest of our interview!


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