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Like Ice-Cream Only Healthier

Last Christmas the girls and I received that book "The Sneaky Chef" from my sister Jess (also the owner of - check it out if you need pet supplies, wink wink).

The book lists tons of recipes for kid-friendly type food but with added healthy ingredients that they won't detect!  It's awfully fun to read through the book and see how this mom had used cauliflower in her home-made Mac n' Cheese without her kids ever knowing!  Hence the name "Sneaky Chef".

I've been excited to try some of the lunch and dinner recipes but this week I let my oldest pick and she decided to go with some "breakfast ice-cream".  It's so super simple and only requires some fruit, honey and yogurt!

We chose strawberries and raspberries since those are Natty's favorite and they were on sale (haha).  You just throw about 1.5 cups of fruit into the food processor...

Then add 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey:

Then simply blend it up until it's nice and smooth and place in a glass dish and then into the freezer.  Natty was super excited to help and even more excited to eat it!

It definitely doesn't get as thick as ice-cream (or maybe I did it wrong) so you may want to have a few SmartSeat Chair Covers on hand when you go to serve the kiddos.  However, it tastes sweet and fresh and both girls loved it.  

Grab an Undercover Mama and Ditch the Big Expensive Nursing Wardrobe

I am so excited to be adding a Nursing Wear category to the boutique!  One of the first products that I knew we had to offer was the mom-invented "Undercover Mama" nursing tank.  In my opinion, it is one of the coolest inventions EVER.

This strapless tank top attaches to the nursing bras that you already own and love to essentially turn your ordinary nursing bra into an full undershirt!  Wear it underneath cardigans, shirts, sweaters, shawls or vests as a cute undershirt...and now when you go to flip down your bra to nurse, your belly and back are completely covered.

Skip the pile of expensive nursing shirts and simply buy one or two of these undercovers to make ANY top a nursing top!  Just look at how cute they are one of our mom reviewers & photographers, Jennie:

We have them in lots of available colors and sizes so the possibilities are endless mamas!  Now you can wear any of your favorite non-nursing shirts with an undercover mama tank underneath and still be ready to nurse while you're on-the-go.  

"If you love a particular nursing bra, it's perfect because you can layer it with the tank without having a bunch of straps everywhere. Because the less straps going on, the chic-er, ya know?"  -Maryam,

We recently had the Undercover Mama reviewed by Maryam over at, a style guide for hip nursing moms and moms-to-be.  Check out her awesomely awesome video review below:

Don't forget, you can use the code "MilkMama" when checking out to receive 10% off of our Undercover Mama Nursing tanks.

Ostriches might be mean, but their eggs are sure yummy!

Ok, so that statement might be a little misleading since I myself did not eat ANY of the ostrich egg written about in this post.  I hate eggs.  All eggs.  However, my girlies love them and so the "ostrich eggs are yummy" comment came from the mouths of babes...not me!

I promised I would share the story about our weekend fun at The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch and so here it is!

The family was in town and we were running out of things to do so we thought, "Hey what could be more fun than heading down to the Ostrich Ranch and hanging out with some really giant, mean birds for the day?!"

I think they wanted to eat Ellie...but she has the last laugh later...keep reading.

So the ostrich's were evil, but the rest of the animals at the ranch were so cute and the girls LOVED feeding the deer and the donkeys so it was a really fun time!  

On our way out we saw that they had real ostrich eggs for sale and since Uncle Jim has always wanted to try one, he bought one for us to cook for breakfast the next day...for the super low price of $20.00.  Ha! They're not cheap but apparently 1 ostrich egg is equal to 24 chicken eggs so, needless to say, we had a lot of leftovers.  

Natty helping Uncle Jim make an ostrich egg breakfast

Ellie and the Egg

Ellie wanting to "eat" the egg whole

Aha! Take that evil Ostrich!

What's the best part about an Ostrich Egg?  Ellie is able to eat them!  She's allergic to chicken eggs so typically can't enjoy eggs for breakfast like everyone else.  But ostrich eggs are often an alternative for people with egg allergies.  So cool!

Have any of you had an ostrich egg before?  The rest of our family seemed to like it.  Apparently they are better for you than chicken eggs too...and for $20 bucks, they'd better be! 

Baby Undersocks are the Baby Socks that Stay On

Baby Undersocks are new to the boutique and they totally rock! My 18-month-old has had a vendetta against socks for as far back as I can remember. I would normally give in and just let her run around without socks on (especially in the summer) but because of the eczema on her feet, I'd rather keep them covered if at all possible.

Baby Undersocks are the baby socks that actually stay on! After having my little one use them for the past week, here are my 3 favorite things about them:

  • They can't take them off! They are attached to soft thermal pants that can be worn by themselves or as a warming layer under clothing.
  • The socks have a non-slip grip on the bottom to help prevent little walkers from slipping (which happens often with toddlers wearing socks on tile or wood you know).
  • They are made from super comfy & breathable bamboo thermal fabric that is snuggly and warm, but not too thick and cumbersome.

Here's my munchkin wearing her Baby Undersocks in Pastel Pink (the socks are colored, not the thermal pants):

We have them in pastel pink (shown above), lake blue and natural white.  The sizes range from 0-18 months...and if you buy one, you'll get the second pair half off so you can stock up for the Fall and Winter months ahead!  

And...since it took me forever to get Ellie to sit still for these pics, here's another!

And here's what they look like without a baby attached:

Have questions about Baby Undersocks? Ask away!  And don't forget to "Meet the Mom Inventor" behind this product by reading her story on the product page.  :-)

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