Grab an Undercover Mama and Ditch the Big Expensive Nursing Wardrobe

I am so excited to be adding a Nursing Wear category to the boutique!  One of the first products that I knew we had to offer was the mom-invented "Undercover Mama" nursing tank.  In my opinion, it is one of the coolest inventions EVER.

This strapless tank top attaches to the nursing bras that you already own and love to essentially turn your ordinary nursing bra into an full undershirt!  Wear it underneath cardigans, shirts, sweaters, shawls or vests as a cute undershirt...and now when you go to flip down your bra to nurse, your belly and back are completely covered.

Skip the pile of expensive nursing shirts and simply buy one or two of these undercovers to make ANY top a nursing top!  Just look at how cute they are one of our mom reviewers & photographers, Jennie:

We have them in lots of available colors and sizes so the possibilities are endless mamas!  Now you can wear any of your favorite non-nursing shirts with an undercover mama tank underneath and still be ready to nurse while you're on-the-go.  

"If you love a particular nursing bra, it's perfect because you can layer it with the tank without having a bunch of straps everywhere. Because the less straps going on, the chic-er, ya know?"  -Maryam,

We recently had the Undercover Mama reviewed by Maryam over at, a style guide for hip nursing moms and moms-to-be.  Check out her awesomely awesome video review below:

Don't forget, you can use the code "MilkMama" when checking out to receive 10% off of our Undercover Mama Nursing tanks.


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