Ostriches might be mean, but their eggs are sure yummy!

Ok, so that statement might be a little misleading since I myself did not eat ANY of the ostrich egg written about in this post.  I hate eggs.  All eggs.  However, my girlies love them and so the "ostrich eggs are yummy" comment came from the mouths of babes...not me!

I promised I would share the story about our weekend fun at The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch and so here it is!

The family was in town and we were running out of things to do so we thought, "Hey what could be more fun than heading down to the Ostrich Ranch and hanging out with some really giant, mean birds for the day?!"

I think they wanted to eat Ellie...but she has the last laugh later...keep reading.

So the ostrich's were evil, but the rest of the animals at the ranch were so cute and the girls LOVED feeding the deer and the donkeys so it was a really fun time!  

On our way out we saw that they had real ostrich eggs for sale and since Uncle Jim has always wanted to try one, he bought one for us to cook for breakfast the next day...for the super low price of $20.00.  Ha! They're not cheap but apparently 1 ostrich egg is equal to 24 chicken eggs so, needless to say, we had a lot of leftovers.  

Natty helping Uncle Jim make an ostrich egg breakfast

Ellie and the Egg

Ellie wanting to "eat" the egg whole

Aha! Take that evil Ostrich!

What's the best part about an Ostrich Egg?  Ellie is able to eat them!  She's allergic to chicken eggs so typically can't enjoy eggs for breakfast like everyone else.  But ostrich eggs are often an alternative for people with egg allergies.  So cool!

Have any of you had an ostrich egg before?  The rest of our family seemed to like it.  Apparently they are better for you than chicken eggs too...and for $20 bucks, they'd better be! 


Wow! $20! That is kinda crazy. I don't think my family of 4 could polish off the equivalent of 24 eggs so I think I'll wait until we have family visiting! Did your family say they taste similar? Or totally different? I am curious now!

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Hi Ann! They all said it tasted about the same...but fluffier! :-)

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