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Win a TextHook and other amazing prizes in Living My MoMent's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

The TextHook tightly secures your smartphone to your stroller, grocery cart or bike while still providing access to the touchscreen or keyboard. With the touch of a finger, you can text, talk or e-mail. Multitasking is easy with texthook! Wishing you had this innovative new mom-invented product for your smart phone? Well, you're in luck!  We're giving one away in Living My MoMent's 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!  There are 64 other products listed as well, with a total value of about $4,000 in giveaways!  Don't miss out, head on over and check out the entry page to learn more!

Here's a sampling of some great things you can win:

New mom-invented product: Pump-a-Pair hands-free pumping accessory!

I do want more babies sometime in the near future, and I will definitely be using this fantastic new mom-invention during those early months of dreaded breast-pumping.  I love that these work universally with just about any breast pump and any nursing bra!  They are the new Pump-a-Pair hands-free pumping accessory!  We have them in a single-set or a double-set at a discounted rate.  Check them out and let us know what you think:

TextHook featured nationally on The Today Show!

The TextHook smart phone holder was featured on The Today Show with Kathy-Lee & Hoda!  There are some other great products in this featured segment as well, so take a peak!  If you are wanting to see the "shout-out" about TextHook, then you'll have to scroll to minute 4:00 in the starts there.  Then be sure to visit the boutique, we have the TextHook in both black and white.

Bracelet Bag Hook and Light Weight Tote In Use - YouTube Video

Ok ladies, be kind!  I'm definitely not the best at this self-made-video stuff, but I'm giving it a shot so you can see the Bracelet Bag Hooks and Light Weight Totes in use.  Enjoy!  {Side note: If you're not kind, I will delete your comment, because this is MY blog, mwuahahaha}

Free shipping on all Teething Bling and Light-Weight Totes!

These are some of my faves and I use them the point that I probably need some NEW one's, too!  Teething Bling makes great gifts for new moms since they look great on mom and they're safe for baby to chew on!  The light-weight totes make amazing diaper bags and that's exactly how I use mine.  Because they ship from here in my home instead of from the manufacturer, I'm offering FREE standard shipping on both! 

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