Like Ice-Cream Only Healthier

Last Christmas the girls and I received that book "The Sneaky Chef" from my sister Jess (also the owner of - check it out if you need pet supplies, wink wink).

The book lists tons of recipes for kid-friendly type food but with added healthy ingredients that they won't detect!  It's awfully fun to read through the book and see how this mom had used cauliflower in her home-made Mac n' Cheese without her kids ever knowing!  Hence the name "Sneaky Chef".

I've been excited to try some of the lunch and dinner recipes but this week I let my oldest pick and she decided to go with some "breakfast ice-cream".  It's so super simple and only requires some fruit, honey and yogurt!

We chose strawberries and raspberries since those are Natty's favorite and they were on sale (haha).  You just throw about 1.5 cups of fruit into the food processor...

Then add 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey:

Then simply blend it up until it's nice and smooth and place in a glass dish and then into the freezer.  Natty was super excited to help and even more excited to eat it!

It definitely doesn't get as thick as ice-cream (or maybe I did it wrong) so you may want to have a few SmartSeat Chair Covers on hand when you go to serve the kiddos.  However, it tastes sweet and fresh and both girls loved it.  


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