Our Christmas Decor from DownEast Basics and a little DIY Decor

I just love love love decorating for Christmas, especially now that the girls are old enough to help.  In fact, this year I was one of those crazy people that started decorating before Thanksgiving!

I was so excited to have been given the opportunity to do a review about the new DownEast Basics home line for Christmas.  Their selection is small but they have a unique style and are much more affordable than some of the other sites like Pottery Barn, etc.  I noticed that since I received my items, they have already listed new products as well...so it looks like their selection is updated regularly which is nice.

For the review I chose the Trifle Bowl and the 52" Berry Garland.  I really love their vintage style clocks and bird cages too, so it was a tough choice!  Here's what I was able to do with them for the centerpiece on our dining room table (I already had the red ornaments):

I love the Trifle Bowl because I was able to use it for the Tiramisu that we made for Thanksgiving, too!

For the rest of the house we tried to go the Do-It-Yourself approach and Natty and I made a few wreaths which turned out great! 

I had been seeing yarn wreaths on Pinterest for months and really loved them, so we made our indoor Christmas wreath out of yarn, a straw wreath, ribbon and some pine cone garland.

Then we felt adventurous and wanted to make a wreath for the front door with the trimmings from the Christmas Tree.  I had remembered a monogram wreath that was for sale at Pottery Barn a few years ago (for well over $60) and wanted to see if we could make a similar one.  I do think ours looks much more "hand made", haha, but it's cute!

What were some of the DIY Christmas decorations you did this year or in the past?  Feel free to link to posts or pictures in the comments!

* I was given free products in exchange for this review of the DownEast Basics home collection. However, all opinions were my own, as always :-)


I love these Thanks for the great Idea, And as far as them looking home made.. As long and it makes you feel cozy, and you enjoy the beauty of it, the rest doesn't matter.. I think they are beautiful!! :)

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